Diego Tattoo Gallery is an all female, LGBTQ diverse shop owned by artist Diana DeAugustine. It is named after her fluffy and cuddly, long haired Chihuahua, Diego. Diego can be seen (and heard) frequently at the shop when Diana is tattooing. Although this furry little monster may have a big bark and a lot to say when you walk in the door, he’s very shy and most likely will run to his bed in the corner after sniffing your hand, or if you’re lucky, after getting a pet. Despite his inability to greet everyone in a friendly manner, this little guy is full of love. Earning his cuddles and kisses makes you feel like you’ve won the lotto. You will often hear Diego being called by his many nicknames: Doodle, El Duderino, Dude Man, Degs, Chicken Poodle, Doodle Noodle and Doodle Man. Stop in and see Diego and you will understand why this beautiful tattoo shop has been named in his honor.